Are you planning on having any more kids?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

A question I hate to be asked is “Are you planning on having any more kids?”

This is a question I feel that is asked just so that person can judge you. No matter what you say someone will not like or agree with your decision. Some people think it is honorable in having large families and other people believe it is dishonorable. The decision to have more children is very personal.

I wonder why people ask such annoying personal questions. I do not think it is because they are trying to connect with me or because they feel the same way as me but rather because they would like to judge me. Most of the time they are asking me because they already have formed an opinion that I should not have any more children. The reasons vary from person to person. I have heard that having children is bad for the planet and we are going to all run out of water and die of thirst. I have also heard that you must have a lot of money to have children so you can provide experiences and opportunities such as sports.I also worry that some women may ask just so they can try and get pregnant and have a baby before me. I am not sure of the other reasons people may have but those are a few I have heard.

In the future I would like to think of ways to respond that don’t allow the other person to judge me. I feel that such decisions are really between me, my husband and God.


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