Arrival of Spring

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imitation/Flattery.”

I first find the arrival of spring with my first blue lupine on my walk two days ago. Blue lupines and orange poppies sprouting up from the desert is a sign of spring in Arizona. I can find them around my neighborhood and I once found orange poppies in my own yard. Before the flowers appeared I just thought it was a weed so I was delighted to find poppies. In the desert mountains south of my home there is a place my friends and I call yellow mountain for all the poppies and flowers that grow on it. Each year the entire mountain is so covered in them that it looks mostly yellow then any other color. Walking up the mountain with out stepping on any poppies is impossible. Looking at the mountain makes me wonder why this one is full of spring color while other mountains have no spring color but the grass and greenery. Another sign of spring in the dessert is the flowers that bloom on cactus. I have not seen this yet but the cactus seems to take longer to bloom then the flowers. I am nervous that Spring won’t be so colorful this year since the weather has been so warm this winter with temperatures above 80. It seems to be a little cooler now in March then it was in April so far which is comforting. I have also noticed in the last week my drab colorless winter grass is turning green. Soon I hope it will be soft and dark green perfect for hiding Easter Eggs with my kids. The grass begins to grow quickly in spring and the tall blades of grass can hide eggs easy. They are hidden so well you can’t see them unless your inches away which is a lot of fun for my kids. I have not had any problems with allergies yet but know when I do that it is Spring.

Other things that make me feel like Spring has arrived is when I go to the store and find plastic easter eggs, jelly beans, stuffed bunny animals, and easter baskets.

One thing I love about Spring in Arizona is it means all the snow birds will be going home soon. It is exciting to know I will soon be able to drive a decent speed and not get stuck behind these people going 30 miles per hour. I also don’t care when they complain about not having a lot of money when they own more than one home and their second home is in my neighborhood and they are just visiting on a sort of long vacation. I see the old people pop up in winter walking around looking like they are so happy to be outside and out of the snow but yet at the same time are so unfriendly and unkind. When the weather starts to warm up they will be gone and no one will miss their presence.

I do not know what the first day of spring is on the calendar but it has arrived.


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