Stressed out mom needs to relax

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

Something I would like to be better at is relaxing. It is very hard when your a mom and have three kids and a never ending to do list to stop worrying and thinking about everything that needs to be done. I can never get everything done so I also feel guilty taking time for myself. Even if I can get my toddler to take a nap I often think about how it is the perfect time to do the dishes or get something done since it’s hard when he is awake. I have also realized that my expectations for a perfectly clean and organized home do not help.
Ways I like to relax

-In a hammock in the pine trees
-Lighting candles in a room and playing soft music
-Going on a walk
-Listening to music
-Write a letter
-Color mandalas
-Drink tea


One thought on “Stressed out mom needs to relax”

  1. Being a parent and relaxation… I don’t think those words ever mix well. If they are awake, you run around after them trying to clean up. If they are sleeping, you freak out that they are being too quiet. And then.. then they do the worst thing possible. They grow up!

    Tea and writing are my escapes (granted, mine are 23 and 20 now..), the yoga thing I need to start.

    Best of luck!


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