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I am 31 years old and a stay at home mom to 3 boys.

Why do colleges look like resorts? College not worth the risk for success.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Big To Fail.”

Too Big To Fail
Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

I wish I could go to school to be a doctor and not fail. Gaurenteed success does not exist though and is a fantasy. Success only comes from hard work, risk, and perseverance.

I am not sure that going to college is worth the hard work and money and it seems to be more about taking your money. One college in my state offers a fitness center, bowling alley, concert venue, swimming pools and jacuzzi’s with beautiful landscaping all around including large palm trees. It sort of looks more like vacation than a place of learning. Even after paying thousands of dollars for a degree you are not entitled to earn a certain amount of money or to even find a job for what you went to school for. Another thing thing that devalues your education is when everyone else has an education too. You no longer stand out. Some employers even prefer to hire those with no education in certain areas as they do not feel they are too good to mop a floor or feel entitled. Just because you went to school to be a manager doesn’t mean you get to stand around telling other people to work.


Stressed out mom needs to relax

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Have Confidence in Me.”

Something I would like to be better at is relaxing. It is very hard when your a mom and have three kids and a never ending to do list to stop worrying and thinking about everything that needs to be done. I can never get everything done so I also feel guilty taking time for myself. Even if I can get my toddler to take a nap I often think about how it is the perfect time to do the dishes or get something done since it’s hard when he is awake. I have also realized that my expectations for a perfectly clean and organized home do not help.
Ways I like to relax

-In a hammock in the pine trees
-Lighting candles in a room and playing soft music
-Going on a walk
-Listening to music
-Write a letter
-Color mandalas
-Drink tea

Save The Newspapers!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

Newspapers from the current moment can be saved for future generations. A newspaper can tell a lot about the current time. You can learn about what type of clothing is popular and fashionable. You can also see how much the clothing costs from the adds and find other things for sale in the paper as well. Cars and what cars looked like. Also included would be local events of the time and information on places to travel. Political stories and business news with information about the economy.

Arrival of Spring

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imitation/Flattery.”

I first find the arrival of spring with my first blue lupine on my walk two days ago. Blue lupines and orange poppies sprouting up from the desert is a sign of spring in Arizona. I can find them around my neighborhood and I once found orange poppies in my own yard. Before the flowers appeared I just thought it was a weed so I was delighted to find poppies. In the desert mountains south of my home there is a place my friends and I call yellow mountain for all the poppies and flowers that grow on it. Each year the entire mountain is so covered in them that it looks mostly yellow then any other color. Walking up the mountain with out stepping on any poppies is impossible. Looking at the mountain makes me wonder why this one is full of spring color while other mountains have no spring color but the grass and greenery. Another sign of spring in the dessert is the flowers that bloom on cactus. I have not seen this yet but the cactus seems to take longer to bloom then the flowers. I am nervous that Spring won’t be so colorful this year since the weather has been so warm this winter with temperatures above 80. It seems to be a little cooler now in March then it was in April so far which is comforting. I have also noticed in the last week my drab colorless winter grass is turning green. Soon I hope it will be soft and dark green perfect for hiding Easter Eggs with my kids. The grass begins to grow quickly in spring and the tall blades of grass can hide eggs easy. They are hidden so well you can’t see them unless your inches away which is a lot of fun for my kids. I have not had any problems with allergies yet but know when I do that it is Spring.

Other things that make me feel like Spring has arrived is when I go to the store and find plastic easter eggs, jelly beans, stuffed bunny animals, and easter baskets.

One thing I love about Spring in Arizona is it means all the snow birds will be going home soon. It is exciting to know I will soon be able to drive a decent speed and not get stuck behind these people going 30 miles per hour. I also don’t care when they complain about not having a lot of money when they own more than one home and their second home is in my neighborhood and they are just visiting on a sort of long vacation. I see the old people pop up in winter walking around looking like they are so happy to be outside and out of the snow but yet at the same time are so unfriendly and unkind. When the weather starts to warm up they will be gone and no one will miss their presence.

I do not know what the first day of spring is on the calendar but it has arrived.

Love spending time with my family

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Circle of Five.”

I love spending time with my three sons Hunter, Hayden, and Hudson and husband Brandon. It is very important that I spend time with them so they feel loved and valued. I think that spending quantity time is very important and think it is very hard to get quality with out the quantity. The more time you spend with your kids the more quality moments you will have. I think if I am to have any influence over them I must have a good relationship with them.

Things I enjoy doing with my boys are watching funny videos on youtube, watching tv and movies, reading comic books, water balloon fights, doing art projects together, cooking breakfast or desserts in the kitchen, playing phase 10 or skip bo, going on walks, flying kites, playing with squirt guns, reading books, camping, washing the car, playing i spy and other games in the car, and going new places.

Are you planning on having any more kids?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Plead the Fifth.”

A question I hate to be asked is “Are you planning on having any more kids?”

This is a question I feel that is asked just so that person can judge you. No matter what you say someone will not like or agree with your decision. Some people think it is honorable in having large families and other people believe it is dishonorable. The decision to have more children is very personal.

I wonder why people ask such annoying personal questions. I do not think it is because they are trying to connect with me or because they feel the same way as me but rather because they would like to judge me. Most of the time they are asking me because they already have formed an opinion that I should not have any more children. The reasons vary from person to person. I have heard that having children is bad for the planet and we are going to all run out of water and die of thirst. I have also heard that you must have a lot of money to have children so you can provide experiences and opportunities such as sports.I also worry that some women may ask just so they can try and get pregnant and have a baby before me. I am not sure of the other reasons people may have but those are a few I have heard.

In the future I would like to think of ways to respond that don’t allow the other person to judge me. I feel that such decisions are really between me, my husband and God.

Me Time

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Me Time.”

My ideal Saturday morning is spent hiking. I did not go hiking since I didn’t want to bring my son Hudson who is only one but today would have been perfect. It is windy and cloudy and cool. My favorite place to hike is in the Superstition Mountains. It is beautiful for being more green and offers a more varied plant life than other mountains around here like the San Tan Mountains. There also aren’t any sandy areas that are hard to walk thru and it seems harder to get lost. I hope I can visit soon as spring flowers bloom adding color to the mountains.